Spotlighting Solar Spot Lights!

solar spot lightsTraditionally we have used electrical spot lights in our gardens, yards, driveway areas or entrance-ways to illuminate an area that needs it, because of decorative, security or safety reasons. Nowadays we have the choice of using solar spot lights for the same purposes and there are some distinct advantages that we…ahem…spotlight here.

The main benefits of solar lighting in general over electrical lighting fall into 3 main categories – they are environmentally friendlier, they save money, they are easy and convenient to use.

Taking the first one first – if you are replacing your electrical spot lights with solar ones then you will be using no electricity at all and therefore , instead of burning fossil fuels to create your power requirements you are using the sun’s energy. The solar lights use a collector panel, a rechargeable battery that stores the energy and an LED bulb that emits the energy as light. Even on cloudy days you will get enough charge for usage for a few hours in the evening. Quite apart from the personal satisfaction that we may get from harnessing the power of the sun, it does mean that our “footprint” on the environment is reduced.

This also ties in with the second advantage – by not using electricity the only cost involved in solar spot lights is the initial buying cost of the units. Running costs are zero. Although they are a little pricier now than electrical lights, this is being reduced as time goes by and anyway, any extras will be paid back by lower electricity bills.

Thirdly the ease and convenience can be seen in the installation and maintenance. Being solar-powered there is no need for an electricity supply, so no electrician or wiring is required and no need to dig up any gardens or disturb any decking. They need to be fixed to the wall or area they need to spotlight, via the mounting system that comes supplied, then they can be left to do their job. A quick word of warning here – make sure they are well secured for two reasons: theft and wind.

The LED bulbs are designed to last forever, so they will not need changing and there is virtually no maintenance required other than the occasional wipe down with a rag. You don’t even need to worry about turning them on in the evenings as most of them have in-built light sensors which detect the dark falling and then turn the unit on.

Most of the cases are strong and designed to stand up to a battering from the elements. Of course they are waterproof but being outside means they will be exposed to everything Mother Nature throws at them so make sure you buy sturdy, robust units that are made of good strong materials.

With spot lighting used for security or surveillance purposes it is important to achieve the necessary brightness and that it lasts throughout the night. The traditional problem with solar lighting has been maintaining a brightness level comparative with an incandescent or halogen bulb unit – the sort of light that allows you to read by it, for example. This is not always possible with a simple set up currently. Some of the more advanced systems, however, use a larger solar panel connected via a cable to the battery and lamp unit, so that the panel can be positioned up to 15 feet away in direct sunlight and collect more power. The lighting unit may have multiple LEDs – 80 or 100 for example – that will allow it to use the extra power, creating brighter white light that can last up to 12 hours. Sometimes one panel can service a couple of light units.

You will have to check the specs of your particular set before committing, as the one you choose will depend on what your needs are. If it is for spotlighting for decorative purposes (more like accent lighting) or just to light up a pathway, set of steps or a swimming pool for a few hours in the evening then you will not need an extra-powerful unit.

The Outside Solar Light – Why Your State Should Have Them

There are literally tens of millions of street lights in the United States, which burn up billions of kilowatts of electricity each and every year. There are reports that suggest these street lights account for up to 50% of some states energy costs, and at a time when all areas of government are looking in to ways of reducing costs, maybe it’s the right time for us to be looking more closely at the benefits the outside solar light can bring to our budget deficits and the environment.

And it’s not just street lighting that can be replaced using outdoor solar lights, any outdoor space at your home, road signs, bus shelters, and parking lots can all be easily lit by outside solar lighting. This will not only help reduce energy costs, but will also help the many states that are now trying to meet ever stricter carbon emission targets.

In every area of our economy today we are looking for areas to increase energy efficiency as a way of saving costs and by way of meeting our energy reduction goals, and by encouraging and supporting any local efforts to introduce modern solar powered outside lights in our community’s, we will all be ‘doing our bit’.

By reducing our energy consumption across a wide range of activities, we can reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, and help increase the demand for more up to date renewable energy sources. Many states have plans in place to increase their reliance on renewable energy sources, and the outdoor solar light just might one solution to help us meet these goals.

Inground Pool Solar Heater – FAQ’s

1. Can I Heat Heat My Inground Pool Using Solar Heating?

The simple answer to this is yes. In fact, an inground pool solar heater is probably the cheapest way to heat your swimming pool even after you take into account purchase and installation costs. Many people can no longer afford to heat their pools using conventional sources of fuel, so solar power could be the answer to their prayers.

2. How Do Inground Pool Solar Heaters Work?

An inground solar pool heater is just like a long hosepipe filled with water and allowed to sit in direct sunshine. As you can imagine, the suns rays would heat up the pipe and that heat would be transferred to the water inside – in the example I’ve just described, the hosepipe is acting as a reasonably efficient solar collector.

Pool water only needs to be heated to a relatively low temperature in order to make it comfortable for swimming, which means this system is fairly straightforward to get working properly so long as you use some good efficient solar collectors. In the majority of installations costs can be reduced because the pool’s existing filtration pump is sufficient to pump the heated water, and separate storage tank is not necessary because the pool itself acts as storage.

3. How Much Does To Install a Solar Heater For Inground Pool?

3. How Much Does To Install a Solar Heater For Inground Pool?This depends on many different factors, so it’s difficult to give an accurate estimate. Aspects to take into account include things such as the size of the pool that needs heating, how many months each year the pool is in operation, local building code regulations, and how easy the installation turns out to be.

A ball-park figure for a system to be installed in a relatively high sunshine area is $3,000 – $4,000 per installation. While this might sound like a lot of money initially, using an inground pool solar heater offers one of the quickest payback periods of any solar powered equipment. Depending on how long you heat your pool for now, you should recoup your initial investment in a solar heater for your pool within 4 – 6 years, often much sooner.

4. Will a Pool Cover Save Me Money?

Absolutely – a pool loses the majority of its heat because of evaporation through its surface, and a pool cover is the best way to reduce this evaporation. An added benefit of using a cover is that they also help keep the pool clean which will reduce the amount you have to spend on cleaning, maintenance and chemicals.

In conclusion, while installing an inground pool solar heater system does require a fairly large initial outlay, that investment will be recouped in a few short years. In addition to that, you are reducing your carbon footprint by not burning fossil fuels to heat your pool and are helping reduce the impact that we all have on our planet.

Solar Lights Motion Sensors

When you install solar lights in and around your home, there may be areas that you don’t need to be lit all the time, but that would benefit from lighting when the area was being used. The area of driveway in front of a garage for example doesn’t need to be permanently illuminated, but does need light when you pull up in your car. This is where solar lights motion sensors can increase safety and security at your house.

A solar powered motion detector light is, in essence, the same as any solar light, however it is fitted with a special detector to activate the light when it senses movement. There are 3 main different types of sensors that are used for detecting motion:

1. Ultrasonic Sensors – This is an active type of motion sensor that emits an ultrasonic pulse to measure reflections off of moving objects such as people or motor vehicles.

2. Microwave Sensors – Again this is an active motion sensor, in that it actively sends out microwave pulses to detect any movement. This type of sensor is similar to the types used in police radar systems.

3. Passive Infrared Detector (PID) – For the purposes of motion sensor solar lights, this is the most common type of movement sensor used. Unlike the other two types, this is a passive type sensor that doesn’t emit any pulses but just accepts incoming infrared radiation.

solar lights motion sensorsMotion activated solar lights really pay off in outside spaces that are used infrequently. You can combine them with virtually any type of light, but they are normally fitted on solar spot lights or solar security lights.

The passive infrared detector needs some simple electronics to help it process the information it collects. Every object known gives off what is known as black body radiation, and each objects radiation ‘temperature’ is different, and it is this radiation temperature that the PID monitors. The way this works is that if one object, such as a human or an animal, moves passed a stationary object such as the side of a house, then motion is detected.

So, if you want to add an additional element of safety and security around your home, solar powered motion lights and solar lights motion sensors might be the perfect solution for your situation.

Which Solar Garden Lights are the Best?

In recent times, the number of different types of solar lights for your garden that have been introduced on to the market has risen dramatically. Because of that the question, which solar garden lights are the best, is a question I’m asked quite a lot. In all honesty though, it really depends on what you need the lights for. Sure there are certain brands that stand out, but that’s no use to you if a manufacturer doesn’t make the type of light fitting you need. There are 3 main types of lights for you to choose from:

solar patio lights1. Pathway Lighting – this type of light can be used for lighting areas that around pathways or driveways that are traditionally expensive to light because of the difficulty of running electricity to the site. These lights are either pushed into the ground on stakes, or can be sited in amongst the shrubbery to create a pleasant ambience in your garden. How many solar pathway lights you will need will very much depend on the length of pathway to light, but if they are spaced out at between 6 and 10 feet intervals, this will give you the best balance between cost and efficiency.

wall mounted solar light2. Fixed Lighting Positions – There will be certain areas in your yard or garden that get more use than others. In these locations you can be pretty certain that once solar lights are installed, they will be staying put and you won’t want to move them around – for that reason, you are fairly safe in making these fixings permanent. Areas directly outside your home are where most folks install wall-mounted solar lights, but just bear in mind that when this type of solar light has been installed, it is more difficult to change your lighting scheme.


Solar Spot Lights3. Solar Spot Lighting – solar spot lights for your garden can be very versatile. They are great if you need to add some extra security to your property, especially if you link them up with a movement detector. That way whenever a visitor (or intruder) approaches your house, the light will activate automatically.

Solar garden spot lights are also great if you want to pick out a particular feature such as a seat or a statue in your garden. Solar spot lights give out a high intensity beam of light, and as such use a lot of power, so they are best suited to areas that are not permanently lit.

Now that you know which solar lights are best to suit your needs, you can choose your solar lighting with the confidence that you will get it right first time.

Stainless Steel Solar Light for Your Garden

Do you need to find a great way to light up your garden at night? A stainless steel solar light will give you a stylish look while providing you with the illumination that you need. There are a lot of great benefits to using stainless steel solar lights in your garden, and you will enjoy the numerous features that come with each type.

One of the great benefits about using this type of garden lighting is that it is easy to install. Most solar lighting comes fixed to the top of a stake or pole, so it can easily be pushed into the ground wherever you want to install it. Other types of lighting require electricity in order to work, so you will have to spend time running wires and digging up the ground where you would like to install your lighting. This is time consuming and requires a lot of manual labor. These are things that are not necessary with a stainless steel solar light.

stainless steel solar lightAnother great benefit that you will not get with other types of lighting is convenience. With other lights you have to be home by dark to flip a switch to turn the lights on, but with stainless steel solar lighting you can be in another state and the lights will come on. The solar panel has a sensor in it that knows when it is turning dark outside and automatically turns the light on. This way if you are out for the night you can come home to a lit up garden.

If you want to get the most illumination that you can you may want to consider purchasing a stainless steel solar light set. This will help you to be able to light up your whole garden and increase the benefits that you receive. A stainless steel solar light will bring a great design to your garden.

Floating Solar Lights

Are you looking for a way to give the water around your house a perfect accent? Floating solar lights are a great way to make the water in ponds, pools, and any other water that you may have stand out. You will find that there are a lot of great features of having this kind of lighting in your water and you will never want to use any other type of lights once you see the benefits that these give you.

If you are thinking about getting some floating solar pool lights then you will be in for a real treat. These solar lights come in a variety of colors so you can choose some for any mood that you are trying to set. Whether you are having a festive party or just want to take an intimate swim with a loved one you will be able to with this type of lighting.

Floating Solar LightsIf you are trying to find some solar floating pond lights you are also sure to find some that will suit your needs. You can find these in any color that you would like and they also come in a lot of different styles. Some look like huge balls of light floating in your pond and will bring you a lot of enjoyment every time that you view them.

These lights will automatically turn on whenever it gets dark outside so you will never have to worry about flipping any switches or installing them. They work off of rechargeable batteries that are charged by the sun daily so you will never have to worry about paying for costly electricity either.

There are a lot of other great benefits of having floating solar lights in the water around your house. If you are looking for a great way to decorate your water or even if you want to use them for lighting it is very possible and you will love the look that you get.

Colored Solar Lights Make Great Decoration

If you have already been using solar lighting for any length of time you know how great it can be. These low maintenance lights bring a lot of joy to the lives of those who decide to use them around their home. They can not only be used to illuminate different objects around your home, but can also be used for decoration. Colored solar lights are one of the best ways to light up any kind of outdoor party or create a beautiful display of the outside area of your home. There are a few different types of color solar lighting that you may be interested in purchasing.

One particular type are the colored solar garden lights which will make a terrific display to all of the plants and flowers around your home. You will love the different colors that you will be able to use to create a unique look. You will be able to match up the different colors of your plants with different colors of lighting for a beautiful accent in your garden.

Colored Solar LightsAnother type of lighting that will please you is color solar yard lights. You can use these for different looks around your yard. These come in a variety of styles so you can use them for just about anything around your yard. You may find some that are on a sting that you can hang up for party decorations or you may decide that you would like some that float around in the water. You can find different colors to make your pond or pool come to life. There are a lot of different uses that you can find with solar yard lights.

If you are looking for a way to set your garden or yard apart from those of your friends or neighbors then you may want to consider purchasing colored solar lights. They are a great way to decorate and they are free to use since they are powered by the sun. They will bring a lot of style and convenience to your life, and you will love the benefits that you receive from the use of them.

Wall Mounted Solar Lights for Your Home

Are you looking for a great way to light the areas around the outside of your home? Wall mounted solar lights are a great way to get the job done, and there are many features and benefits that you will be interested in knowing about. If you are tired of turning on the porch light and being bothered by the bugs that automatically swarm to the glow and heat of those lights then you may want to give some serious thought to wall mounted solar lighting.

Solar lighting puts out very little heat compared to the amount of light that you get. This is one of the great benefits. With other lighting you have to be careful where you install it because the burning hot heat that radiates from it is enough to start a fire near certain types of material. When you install wall mount solar lights you will never have to worry about where you put them because the little to no heat that they put off is not enough to start a fire. Plus they do not run off of electricity so you never have to worry about them shorting out and causing you any problems.

Wall Mounted Solar Lights

Wall Mounted Solar Lights

Since wall mounted solar lighting is not powered by electricity you will never have to worry about paying a penny to use them. They run off of power from the sun, which is free, so you can use them every night of the year and never have to pay for them.

If you have plants or flowers near your house you may want to look into getting some wall mounted solar garden lights. These will light up your plant life and bring a magnificent look to your landscape, and since they put off no heat you will not have to worry about your plants wilting when you use them.

There are a lot of great benefits to using wall mounted solar lights around your home. If you are looking for something that is convenient, beneficial, and most of all free to use, check into purchasing solar lighting for your home.

Different Forms of Star Solar Lights

Are you the type of person who loves to lay on a blanket and watch the stars at night? Well, with star solar lights the stars could be closer to you than ever before. You will be able to see the stars any time that you would like at night time even when it is cloudy outside and there are no natural stars visible. You will find that there are many different forms of solar powered star lights, but you will always get the same great benefits no matter which style you choose to go with.

The most common form of this type of lighting is solar star string lights. You will be able to find stars in many different sizes and colors all on a string that can be conveniently hung wherever you would like to display the stars. If you want to get real creative you can take that string of lights that is made up of individual stars and form one big star. This would give you a beautiful way to make a unique display on your front lawn. You could either lay it flat on the ground or find some type of supporting structure for it.

solar star lights

solar star lights

Outdoor solar star lights are convenient and easy to use. All you have to do is take them out of the packaging they are in, lay them in the sun for a few hours, and they are ready to use. You do not have to use them all the time if you do not want to. This means that if you would like to occasionally use them for an outdoor party or even then you can just take them out on the day that you need them and let the sun charge them up and the brilliant LED light will shine all through the night.

You can find solar star lights in different colors such as red, white, and blue as well as other color schemes. If you love stars and want to look at them whenever you want then this is the type of product that you will want to purchase. There are a lot of great benefits to having solar lighting around your home and you will love the look that they give you.