Best Solar Lights and Lighting

Man’s ingenuity has been able to pull him through a variety of situations, and with the entire world grappling with a lack of energy; it’s been a stroke genius to be able to harness solar power. Today solar power is used to light up homes, heat up water, run pumps, and reduces the costs of maintenance for several industries. It is even the basis of all power for some industries, and a lot of money is being invested in order to discover the best solar lights that business can come up with.

The average man can make use of solar power too, in the form of solar power lights. Put in layman terms, solar power catches the energy of the Sun and converts it into electricity or energy through a process known as photovoltaics (PV). The entire premise of the best solar lights is that the energy from the Sun can be harvested for a specific period of time. This time frame is predictable and hence we can make the maximum use of it. Once properly harnessed, solar energy can work its magic even after the Sun has gone down.

The Solar Power Lights Ambit

The introduction of solar lights led to the notion that they can be used as replacements for conventional sources of energy. However, that has not been possible in every case. The fact that solar light gives off warm and diffused light compared to the stark brightness of an electricity run bulb is enough to ascertain that it has specific uses. It has to be kept in mind that even the best solar lights will shine at their brightest for the first few hours that they have been pressed into work, following which they will steadily diminish in accordance with the energy they have been able to harness. On a warm summer day, your fully charged batteries are good to go for a solid eight hours.

Among the disadvantages with solar power lights is the limitation on battery capacity or of the solar cells on each individual unit. Being small in size, there is only a specific amount of sunlight they can convert and absorb – although technology is doing its best to ensure that you can find lights with ever larger capacities.

Everything good comes with a high price factor and so too the best solar lights. When making the investment you should also keep in mind that they are a great resource to have in the time of an emergency or a sudden power outage.

Making the Right Choice

When in the market for new solar lights, it is better to go for something that is fancy. Leave the ordinary ones aside. Look at highlighting specific areas around your home rather than choosing to replace all your lighting options. You have three basic forms to choose from.

  • Path lights are the first variety. These fixtures can be hung from your patio or ceiling and or even can be put in the ground – and if you feel the need to change your ambience then you can just uproot these lights and place them anywhere you like.
  • Select myriad shapes and sizes in decorative accents and think of the best positions for them. Find unique places like in-between hedges, on the cover of a pot, in-between your rose bush. Choose a nice glass piece from your crockery and turn it over a solar power light when it comes on.
  • Use spot lights to highlight things. The pathway close to the door of your home or to the door of the car, you name plate on the entrance gate, your prize roses or even a water body in your landscape. Select spots that would otherwise be lost in the dark of the night.

Things to Keep in Mind

Landscape lighting can also go by the name of outdoor solar lights, and the accompanying rechargeable solar batteries that last up to 12 months or so. The best solar lights have all of their components pieced together into a single unit. The attached solar cells are what will bring in the sunlight and convert it to an energy source. All of its components work in unison to bring about this unique result.

De-constructing Solar Lights?

Solar lights will allow you to use lighting in several innovative ways. You can turn them on yourself whenever they are needed, or you can program them in such a way so that they switch themselves on as soon as daylight starts to ebb. In the outdoors, this would be at dusk or sunset. These lights draw no artificial electricity and will remain illuminated for various lengths of time depending on how much sunlight they have received throughout the day. They switch back to recharging mode as soon as they come into contact with bright light.

The best solar lights are obviously those that are used in the right manner.

  • Ensure that they have prime position in exposure to the Sun.
  • Take water-proofing measures if you have sprinklers or receive a lot of rainfall.
  • Invest in solar lights that are capable of harnessing energy even on a cloudy day.

Getting the Best out of Your Solar Lights

Know that even the best solar lights cannot always replace the use of electricity based lights. They can be used in places where it is difficult to connect to regular electricity, or where the sources of it are intermittent. A great use of solar power lights is in the form of solar string lights that are largely used in yards and lighting up driveways. These solar string lights are easy to install and need no wiring at all.

Outdoor solar lights in the form of string lights are great lighting options for evening barbeques or for festive occasion decoration enhancement. Solar string lights are an affordable and eco-friendly option. You just have to ensure that your solar lights get adequate exposure to the sun.

Solar string lights function on the basis of Light Emitting Diodes or the LED technology. An added advantage is that it can be obtained in a variety of colors to suit a number of occasions. The best solar lights are also available in a number of shapes and motifs.