How to Get The Best Out of Solar Patio Lights

Solar Patio Lights

Solar patio lights are an ideal solution for your home’s outdoor lighting requirements. Solar powered patio lights are a wallet-friendly and an eco-friendly lighting option. They are increasingly being used in homes all over America as people become more environmentally aware.

Solar lights for patios will light up the pathway to your house and give it a lovely diffused look at night. This is thanks to the soft lift that it emits. These lights are great for birthday parties or family gatherings that you would like to have outdoors. Your solar power patio lights also serve the function of lighting up your driveways and front porches making the approach easier. You don’t have to worry about lights blazing away through the night and the resultant electricity bill. Thanks to the light sensors, you don’t even have to worry about switching them off.

Things to remember

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when you go about installing your solar powered patio lights. Plan the placements of these lights so that they give you the maximum benefit. An ideal place to put these lights would be in direct exposure to the Sun. They should be placed where they can get the maximum exposure to the Sun and provide you with better and longer illumination.

Types of solar patio lights

Solar Patio LightsSolar power patio lights are of several varieties, and the most common ones are the solar step lights and solar deck lights. These lights are not as bright as electricity powered bulbs and give out a diffused lighting. This ensures that you have the desired illumination in your home without keeping your neighbors up the whole night. Solar lights for your patio will light up specified areas of your garden and ensure that you don’t pile on the zeroes on your utility bills.

Solar patio lights can be chosen from a variety of designs ranging from novelty lights to string lights. These come in all shapes and sizes giving you a great choice to match things well with your home décor. These lights are also available to match various seasons, festive or otherwise.


There are several advantages to Solar patio lighting:

  • They harness the power of the Sun and convert them to energy that can be used for illumination through the night and even longer.
  • Since it relies on a renewable and free source of energy for charging you invest nothing except to buy the product in all its varieties.
  • Another great advantage of solar powered patio lights is that there is absolutely no pollution or emission of any sorts.
  • Solar powered step lighting is a great way to light up your steps leading to your front door.
  • You also don’t have to worry about switching these lights off as the sensors on these do it for you. Solar lights switch off and on depending on the time of the day and amount of light outside.
  • They serve as a back up source of power if there is a sudden outage of power.
  • Well placed solar patio umbrella lights help accentuate the angles and beauty of your home.
  • Solar patio lights can be uprooted and placed anywhere you desire, thus giving you a flexibility in changing the ambience of your home.

Few tips

  • All rechargeable batteries that accompany solar power lights come with a life span of just 12 months and probably a little more if you are extra careful while handling them.
  • Analyze your needs first. There are some things that only an electricity fueled bulb can help with. Solar power lights can give you the required illumination levels, but these cannot remain at a constant.
  • Solar patio umbrella lights function on the basis of LED technology or Light Emitting Diodes. This comes with a great deal of flexibility in terms of using them to enhance your décor. You can choose from a variety of colors so that they seamlessly blend with your exteriors. What’s more, they also come in a range of motifs and designs that are bound to have your imagination running wild.

Making solar lights work for you

You cannot substitute even the best solar lights for some needs when it comes to competing with electricity based lights. Some of the best uses are:

  • Use them when you find it difficult to route electricity to a certain segment of your home.
  • Use it in places where power has a tendency to be irregular or intermittent. • Use them to highlight a great garden or a wonderful driveway.
  • Install them in children’s outdoor playing areas so that you need not worry about short circuits and shocks. • This helps keep you garden and home pollution-free.
  • Outdoor solar lights in the form of string lights make great lighting accessories. They are an eco-friendly way of lighting up your evenings outdoors.
  • This particular type of solar string lights are also the cheaper variety on the market and are a great alternative source of energy. Just make sure that your solar lights get adequately charged before your evening begins.

Choosing the best solar patio lights

Here are some tips you can keep in mind when selecting your solar power string lights.

  • Make your choice from a range and select something that is not run-of-the-mill. If you are planning on using solar lights you might as well let the world know about it and let them take a leaf out of your book.
  • If you are planning to light up your driveway, select the ones that can easily be placed. Your solar string light should allow you the flexibility of hanging them up as well as putting them in the ground. The advantages of these types of lights are that they can be easily uprooted and set up in a totally different place without the help of professionals.
  • Accenting is all about creativity. Select a range of decorative accents in a variety of shapes and sizes. This will allow you to place them in a pot, within a row of roses or even to enhance a vase that has been set out.
  • Use spot lights when you want to focus on a particular area – like your prize orchids for example, or for the name plate of your home.