Should I Install Solar Driveway Lights?

For many generations Man has been abusing Mother Nature by depleting her natural resources, natural resources that can not be replaced. One of the main problems we are facing today due to this abuse is the lack of adequate energy. With natural resources fast depleting, it is natural for us to look for an alternative to fossil fuels. That alternative came in the form of solar power, and it allowed us to make use of many different types of solar devices such as solar driveway lights and solar cookers etc.

One of the main areas that have benefitted from solar power is lighting. Illuminating our homes is the main focus when it comes to designing the interiors and exteriors. This is also where solar lights for driveway bring a lot to the table. Since these lights have direct exposure to the Sun, they remain well charged and more often than not last throughout the night, or give you a good eight hours of illumination – this is at least eight hours without any electrical source.

Solar powered driveway lights simply harnesses the energy of the Sun and converts it into electricity with the technology known as photovoltaics (PV). The Sun has a predictable time span of emitting radiation that can be used and it is this science that has helped develop solar driveway lights to an accurate level. The right use of these solar power lights will enable the human race to make an attempt at replenishing renewable resources and restoring a balance.

solar driveway lights

solar driveway lights

Know Your Solar Power Driveway Lights Better

As the name suggests, Solar power driveway lights are devices that emit light and light up your driveway at night. Since they aid in lighting up the driveway and literally mark the way to the parking spots, they are also known as solar driveway marker lights. They function on electricity from batteries that charge themselves up during the day when in direct contact with the Sun’s rays. These lights can be timed to light up at dusk or sunset and automatically switch off when sunshine comes around again. How long they remain lit for depends on how much sunlight they have received, more often than not though, these lights last an entire night.

Solar LED driveway lights are the ones that are commonly used, and besides your driveway, they function best if placed in such areas of your home that are directly exposed to good quantities of sunlight. A pointer you should keep in mind for your driveway marker lights is the fact that they will need to be water-proof – as they are out in the open, you will need to protect it from the vagaries of nature.

Select solar power driveway lights that have a body of stainless steel with the LED light embedded in it. This will serve the purpose of water-proofing as well enhance the aesthetics of your lights.

The Mechanics of Solar Lights

solar driveway lightsLandscape lights also go by the generic name of outdoor solar lights, and the rechargeable batteries that come with these lights often have a life span of 12 – 24 months. A standard bulb will certainly give you more power, but solar power lights ensure that the amount of lighting you get, suits the purpose you are using it for. If you are still reluctant about the idea of using solar power lights then it would do you good to understand its components.

  • A plastic outer case
  • A solar cell
  • 1 x AA NiCad battery
  • A small control board
  • A LED light output
  • A photo-resistor is included in those that have to switch on automatically when darkness is detected.

All of the best solar lights have these components fitted onto a single piece of hardware and work in unison to harness and emit solar light. Most outdoor solar lights have a small mushroom like look to them.

Choosing the Best Solar Driveway Lights

  • One of the best things about solar lights is the fact that there is one for every budget. So irrespective of how much money you are willing to invest you are bound to find one that is suitable to your budget. Make your choice based on the most expensive ones you can afford, because as with most things, the more you pay the better quality you get.
  • Solar LED lights also come in security versions. These lights serve the dual purpose of lighting up your driveway as well as making your outside spaces more secure.
  • Choose solar power driveway lights that come with cell capacities guaranteed to last you the entire night or a minimum of eight hours. Despite the initial investments, it is bound to work out cheaper in the long run.

Installing Your Solar Lights

solar driveway lights

solar driveway lights

Even the best solar lights cannot serve as a complete replacement for electricity based lights. Use them mainly in places where it is difficult to wire electricity or if the sources of power are intermittent. The best use of solar power lights is in the form of solar string lights largely used in yards and lighting up driveways. Solar string lights are easy to install and require absolutely no wiring. An added advantage is that you know your children and pets are safe when playing out in the yard. What’s even better is that there is no emission of any pollutants.

Outdoor solar lights in the form of string lights are great lighting accessories. They are an eco-friendly way of lighting up your evening outdoor functions. What’s more they are priced in the mid-range and hence a nice alternate option to have. You just have to ensure that your solar lights get adequate exposure to the sun before your evening begins.

Some solar lights from individual companies also come with solar cells that have the capacity to harness sunlight on a rainy day as well. Investing in such solar power lights ensures that you have the best possible benefit from the product.

The Flip Side to Solar Powered Driveway Lights

You have to understand that even the best solar lights function really well in the first few hours of being pressed into work. After a while, the power in your batteries reduces and the quality of the light may diminish slightly – at the moment there’s nothing we can do about that, but the geeks are working on it even as I type.

As with any product there can be some flaws and these lights are no exception. The battery capacity of solar power lights can be limited as also the number of solar cells on an individual unit. This means that it can absorb energy only to a limited extent. However, with the constant technological developments, there is a constant effort to improve cell capacity and thereby the power generated for solar driveway lights.