How to install a Solar Powered Security Light

If you wish to have a more secured environment around your home, then you have to consider getting a solar powered security light. It is the best way to light up a driveway and a doorway, as well as a deck. After you purchase this and your security light is ready to use, the only question is- how do you install it? Well, here are some good pointers which will help you successfully install a solar motion light on either your house or a wall.

The first thing you want to do is find a spot to mount the solar power security light on. Think about where you would like the light to shine on or maybe an object you want to highlight. The place you pick should be an area which allows the security light to detect range of motion and where the light can shine on different objects you wish to keep an eye on. The surface that you mount it unto should be fairly flat, so that it can be suitable for your solar light.

solar powered security lightsSecond, find a spot that is nearby to place the small solar panel. This will be used to charge up the batteries for your solar power security lights. The security light should face towards the south and sit where the panel for motion light can get full exposure to sunlight. During the day, look at the spot, especially on a sunny day to make sure that its location gets maximum sun exposure. This way, you will know if the motion light will work. Search for different sources of shade such as tree branches or overhangs and anything else that may cast a shade over the panel. You have to keep in mind that the more hours of sunlight the light gets, the better chances it will have to fully recharge the security light’s batteries.

There should also be a wire which connects the solar motion light to the mini solar panel. Take the measurements of the wires to see how long they are. Once you have chosen a good location for the light, find an area where the wire can go, in between the solar light and the solar panel. Measure the distance from the light to the solar panel to make sure the wire will reach both parts.

Now you are ready to mount the solar security lighting mini solar panel on the specific area which you have chosen. This can be either on the roof or a wall, wherein you can mount the motion light unto, for it to serve its purpose. Run the wires between the motion’s light wire safely against the wall or the building. If the area you happen to be working on is a large space, then you might want to place another security light. If you do this, there will be a wider range in which the light can detect.

You now have a solar powered security light to protect your home and business. It is easy as 1-2-3.