Brightest Solar Lights for Outside Your Home

Have you been thinking about purchasing some type of lighting for the outside of your home? If you are like a lot of people around the world you may be thinking about purchasing some type of solar lighting. You may even be wondering which ones are the brightest solar lights that you can purchase. In recent years a lot of people have starting take advantage of solar lighting and all they have to offer. It is clear and easy to see all of the benefits once you have them installed around the outside of your home.

If you are looking for the brightest solar garden lights you may find a few different options to choose from. You can either find them on poles that stand around four feet high or you may find them on stakes that can easily be pushed into the ground. Either one you choose to go with will give you amazing illumination, but if you want to get the brightest results there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind.

brightest solar lightsIt is important when you are looking for the brightest solar landscape lights that you take a few things into consideration. Since solar lighting works off of power from the sun you will want to be sure that you place your lights where they can get direct sun light. If you place them too much in a shaded area you may get illumination, but it will not be the brightest. Another thing to keep in mind when you are looking for the brightest solar lighting is that the lights use rechargeable batteries to work, so if you notice that your lights are not shining as brightly as they used to you may want to consider replacing the battery. You will probably notice a tremendous difference right away.

Solar lighting puts off a great amount of illumination from the time it is installed, and the light that you receive will always be generated by the sun’s energy. If you want to have the brightest solar lights follow the two suggestions above and see what a difference it will make in the amount and strength of lighting that you receive.

Light Up Your Home with Solar Walkway Lights

It does not matter if you have a backyard which is beautiful and you want to illuminate it at night or maybe just simply to ensure that no one gets hurt while walking around your property in the dark; it is definitely a good idea to check out the different options to light up your home. The best way of course, to light up your pathway, is to use solar walkway lights. On this note, there are great ways in which you can light up your drive and pathway, so you should consider finding which one is best for your home.

The outdoor lighting that you choose can be as simple or as complicated as you wish it to be. If you want to, you can also add lighting throughout the garden, deck, and patio. Or if you prefer, you can just focus on one area and go from there. As motioned above, there are two other ways besides solar walkway lights to brighten up your lawn, but these are not cost-efficient.

The first way is to install outdoor lighting which connects to the electric panel; however, there are two major problems with this option. One, it can become expensive because there is a chance that you will have to put in a new electrical circuit and in addition, you will need to hire an electrician to run cables. These will certainly increase the cost of it all even more. The second problem is that once you get the lights installed, you may find that they are too bright and you would then wish to have softer lights. If this happens, the money you have just spent has gone right down the drain.

solar walkway lights

solar walkway lights

The second way is to use low voltage lights. It is a good option, but you still have to use an outlet to bring power to your pathway lights.

As previously stated earlier, the best option for lighting your home is to use solar powered walkway lights. This is a great alternative to buying and installing the more expensive outdoor lights and because this is the case, solar lights is becoming the best option for many people.

In this perspective, you should be aware that there are two different types of solar walkway lighting. The first kind of light uses energy that it gets from the sun, to power regular bulbs. The second uses the power it gets from LED bulbs. LED bulbs have a longer life span, but are not as bright as the regular solar bulbs. If you choose this type of solar lighting, you might want to add a few extra lights, especially if you are lighting a dark path or are using them for security purposes.

As you can see, there are different ways wherein you can use solar walkway lights to give your home a little extra something. Whether you want to show off your beautiful yard or to add security to your surroundings and maybe even both; solar lights are surely the perfect option.

How to install a Solar Powered Security Light

If you wish to have a more secured environment around your home, then you have to consider getting a solar powered security light. It is the best way to light up a driveway and a doorway, as well as a deck. After you purchase this and your security light is ready to use, the only question is- how do you install it? Well, here are some good pointers which will help you successfully install a solar motion light on either your house or a wall.

The first thing you want to do is find a spot to mount the solar power security light on. Think about where you would like the light to shine on or maybe an object you want to highlight. The place you pick should be an area which allows the security light to detect range of motion and where the light can shine on different objects you wish to keep an eye on. The surface that you mount it unto should be fairly flat, so that it can be suitable for your solar light.

solar powered security lightsSecond, find a spot that is nearby to place the small solar panel. This will be used to charge up the batteries for your solar power security lights. The security light should face towards the south and sit where the panel for motion light can get full exposure to sunlight. During the day, look at the spot, especially on a sunny day to make sure that its location gets maximum sun exposure. This way, you will know if the motion light will work. Search for different sources of shade such as tree branches or overhangs and anything else that may cast a shade over the panel. You have to keep in mind that the more hours of sunlight the light gets, the better chances it will have to fully recharge the security light’s batteries.

There should also be a wire which connects the solar motion light to the mini solar panel. Take the measurements of the wires to see how long they are. Once you have chosen a good location for the light, find an area where the wire can go, in between the solar light and the solar panel. Measure the distance from the light to the solar panel to make sure the wire will reach both parts.

Now you are ready to mount the solar security lighting mini solar panel on the specific area which you have chosen. This can be either on the roof or a wall, wherein you can mount the motion light unto, for it to serve its purpose. Run the wires between the motion’s light wire safely against the wall or the building. If the area you happen to be working on is a large space, then you might want to place another security light. If you do this, there will be a wider range in which the light can detect.

You now have a solar powered security light to protect your home and business. It is easy as 1-2-3.

Solar Path Lighting for Your Home

As you might already know, there are many different uses of solar power. The main way in which we use solar energy today is by producing a source of electricity. We most likely have seen solar lights which are powered by batteries and that are charged through solar panels. The more common lights we are likely to see are the ones that are used for solar path lighting.

So if you are searching for a way to brighten and liven up your home’s garden, backyard and patio area, solar path lights may be just the thing for you. Highlighting a pathway, driveway or your backyard is a great idea, especially if you have lots of obstacles such as water sprinklers, toys or even potted plants that are hard to navigate around in the dark.

Solar powered path lighting is like any other ordinary outdoor lighting except for the fact that these solar lights are powered using the energy of the sun. On this note, even if the sun is not fully shinning, there would still be enough UV rays to charge-up your solar panels.

If you have a decorative flare, then you’ll be glad to know that solar lights also come in a variety of different styles such as elegant lanterns, realistic- looking solar powered flower lights, and more. Most of these kinds of lights will stay lit for up to twelve hours.

How solar lights work

How solar lights workSolar pathway lighting is a convenient option if you want to light up your walkway and use small solar panels to charge your rechargeable batteries in various fixtures. These light fixtures are placed into the ground at a specific depth to ensure that they stand firm and erect.

The fixtures use the energy from the sun during daylight hours. The energy which the light collects is then used to generate needed energy that gives power to the bulbs of lamps. The small panels in the lighting fixtures are the ones that collect the sun’s energy and store it within the rechargeable batteries.

When you use solar lights to brighten your lawn and garden, not only does it beautify your surroundings, but it will also help you cut down on your electricity bill. In addition to this, there is also a safety feature in the fact that you will not have the risk of being electrocuted when you use electric lighting for outdoor use; especially when wires are not sealed, when it rains or if the ground is damp. When you install solar lights instead, there is absolutely no risks such as these involved.

Not only is solar path lighting a way to enhance the look of your house and its surroundings, it also decreases the amount of money you spend on your electricity bill every single month.

Many Different Types of Solar Lights

It’s no secret that the Earth’s sources of renewable energy are fast depleting, and that as far as we are aware, this is an entirely Man-made situation. It is in times like these however, that the innovation of Man comes through for him and he finds a solution to ward off a potentially dangerous situation at least that has always been the case. The solution to this particular problem, seems to lie in the development of solar power and the use of solar lights and other devices powered by solar energy.

Put in simple terms, solar power harnesses the energy of the Sun and converts it into electricity using the concept of photovoltaics (PV). Since the availability of solar power can now be predicted to a fairly accurate level, science has developed to create everyday products such as solar lights that will harness the Sun’s energy.

Uses for solar lights

There are many different types of solar lighting available design to meet specific needs. While you can buy general solar powered light fixings that can be used in a variety of situations, there are specialist light fixings such as solar driveway lightssolar garden lightsfloating solar lightswall mounted solar lightssolar walkway lights, a solar powered security light, solar path lighting, solar patio lights, and solar yard lights that are designed for a specific use and location. There is lots of information on this site about the different types of fixings, just follow the links to find out more.

What solar lighting?

Solar lighting are light emitting devices that charge themselves up during daylight hours through the ‘absorption’ of the Sun’s rays – at dusk or sunset, these light automatically switch on and illuminate the surrounding areas during darkness hours. These draw on no grid electricity and remain illuminated depending on how much sunlight they have received, which often is the entire night.

The best solar lights are the ones that are used in the right manner. They have to be placed in such areas of your home where they will receive direct and ample amount of sunlight. Outdoor solar lights are generally very water tight and certain companies also produce light fittings that have the capacity to harness enough sunlight even on cloudy days. This will ensure that your solar power lights give you the best possible performance.

Understanding solar power lights

Solar powered lights are not always the best solution to every lighting issue. Unlike the stark brightness of a tube light for instance, these lights produce a warm glow, which makes them best used as accents and in places where electricity is hard to pull. Even the best solar lights will only work at full strength during the first few hours and will gradually diminish in brightness in accordance with the power it has managed to harness. Fully charged batteries will allow your outdoor solar lighting to work smoothly for around eight hours which, in most cases, is ample to cover an entire night.

Among the disadvantages that you might find with solar powered lighting is that the battery capacity can be limited by the solar cells on an individual unit – if the solar cell isn’t top notch, this will limit the amount of energy that can be absorbed and hence reduce the amount of time the lights will shine for.

Solar lights have a tendency to be slightly more expensive than standard outdoor lighting, but often the extra cost to purchase the lights is offset by the amount you save on installation and long term running costs.
Some pointers to keep in mind

Outdoor solar lights or solar landscape lights come with rechargeable solar batteries that should last for up to two years. Apart from the solar cell, the systems are pretty straightforward and consists of:

  • A LED bulb
  • NiCad Batteries
  • Control Panel
  • A solar cell
  • Automatic light sensor.

Making the best of your solar lights

You need to understand that even the best solar lights cannot always replace the use of standard electrically powered lights. They can largely be used in places where it is difficult to route electricity or the sources of it are intermittent. One of the best uses of solar power lights are in the form of solar string lights. These are largely used in yards and lighting up driveways. These solar string lights are easy to install and need no wiring at all.

Outdoor solar lighting in the form of string lights are great lighting options for evening parties and for festive decorations. Solar string lighting is an affordable and eco-friendly option – you just need to ensure that your lights get adequate exposure to the sun.

Solar powered string lights function on the basis of Light Emitting Diodes or LED technology. An added advantage is that they can be bought in a variety of colors to suit a number of occasions. These solar lights are also available in a number of shapes and motifs and ensure that you put your imagination to the test when it comes to utilizing them.

How to Get The Best Out of Solar Patio Lights

Solar Patio Lights

Solar patio lights are an ideal solution for your home’s outdoor lighting requirements. Solar powered patio lights are a wallet-friendly and an eco-friendly lighting option. They are increasingly being used in homes all over America as people become more environmentally aware.

Solar lights for patios will light up the pathway to your house and give it a lovely diffused look at night. This is thanks to the soft lift that it emits. These lights are great for birthday parties or family gatherings that you would like to have outdoors. Your solar power patio lights also serve the function of lighting up your driveways and front porches making the approach easier. You don’t have to worry about lights blazing away through the night and the resultant electricity bill. Thanks to the light sensors, you don’t even have to worry about switching them off.

Things to remember

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when you go about installing your solar powered patio lights. Plan the placements of these lights so that they give you the maximum benefit. An ideal place to put these lights would be in direct exposure to the Sun. They should be placed where they can get the maximum exposure to the Sun and provide you with better and longer illumination.

Types of solar patio lights

Solar Patio LightsSolar power patio lights are of several varieties, and the most common ones are the solar step lights and solar deck lights. These lights are not as bright as electricity powered bulbs and give out a diffused lighting. This ensures that you have the desired illumination in your home without keeping your neighbors up the whole night. Solar lights for your patio will light up specified areas of your garden and ensure that you don’t pile on the zeroes on your utility bills.

Solar patio lights can be chosen from a variety of designs ranging from novelty lights to string lights. These come in all shapes and sizes giving you a great choice to match things well with your home décor. These lights are also available to match various seasons, festive or otherwise.


There are several advantages to Solar patio lighting:

  • They harness the power of the Sun and convert them to energy that can be used for illumination through the night and even longer.
  • Since it relies on a renewable and free source of energy for charging you invest nothing except to buy the product in all its varieties.
  • Another great advantage of solar powered patio lights is that there is absolutely no pollution or emission of any sorts.
  • Solar powered step lighting is a great way to light up your steps leading to your front door.
  • You also don’t have to worry about switching these lights off as the sensors on these do it for you. Solar lights switch off and on depending on the time of the day and amount of light outside.
  • They serve as a back up source of power if there is a sudden outage of power.
  • Well placed solar patio umbrella lights help accentuate the angles and beauty of your home.
  • Solar patio lights can be uprooted and placed anywhere you desire, thus giving you a flexibility in changing the ambience of your home.

Few tips

  • All rechargeable batteries that accompany solar power lights come with a life span of just 12 months and probably a little more if you are extra careful while handling them.
  • Analyze your needs first. There are some things that only an electricity fueled bulb can help with. Solar power lights can give you the required illumination levels, but these cannot remain at a constant.
  • Solar patio umbrella lights function on the basis of LED technology or Light Emitting Diodes. This comes with a great deal of flexibility in terms of using them to enhance your décor. You can choose from a variety of colors so that they seamlessly blend with your exteriors. What’s more, they also come in a range of motifs and designs that are bound to have your imagination running wild.

Making solar lights work for you

You cannot substitute even the best solar lights for some needs when it comes to competing with electricity based lights. Some of the best uses are:

  • Use them when you find it difficult to route electricity to a certain segment of your home.
  • Use it in places where power has a tendency to be irregular or intermittent. • Use them to highlight a great garden or a wonderful driveway.
  • Install them in children’s outdoor playing areas so that you need not worry about short circuits and shocks. • This helps keep you garden and home pollution-free.
  • Outdoor solar lights in the form of string lights make great lighting accessories. They are an eco-friendly way of lighting up your evenings outdoors.
  • This particular type of solar string lights are also the cheaper variety on the market and are a great alternative source of energy. Just make sure that your solar lights get adequately charged before your evening begins.

Choosing the best solar patio lights

Here are some tips you can keep in mind when selecting your solar power string lights.

  • Make your choice from a range and select something that is not run-of-the-mill. If you are planning on using solar lights you might as well let the world know about it and let them take a leaf out of your book.
  • If you are planning to light up your driveway, select the ones that can easily be placed. Your solar string light should allow you the flexibility of hanging them up as well as putting them in the ground. The advantages of these types of lights are that they can be easily uprooted and set up in a totally different place without the help of professionals.
  • Accenting is all about creativity. Select a range of decorative accents in a variety of shapes and sizes. This will allow you to place them in a pot, within a row of roses or even to enhance a vase that has been set out.
  • Use spot lights when you want to focus on a particular area – like your prize orchids for example, or for the name plate of your home.

Solar Yard Lights Explained

Solar Yard lights

Solar power is in vogue right now. People have woken up to the fact that the earth’s energy resources are fast reducing and that it is up to them to make the best possible use of the alternatives. Science developed the concept of photovoltaics which allows energy radiating from the Sun to be captured and converted in to energy that can used to light up homes, run machines, heat water and much more.

Since science is dynamic by nature, there is also a constant effort to improve on the work that can be done with the use of solar power. Solar yard lights for example are a great development and have changed the way we look at the lighting options for homes. The reason concepts like these are feasible is simply because constant exposure to the Sun during daylight hours is enough to charge up the batteries to last you an entire night.

Solar Power Yard Lights

Before you use any new technology it would be prudent to have an understanding of the basics. Outdoor solar lights for example are made up of the following components. You can easily pull a light apart to see that it consists of

  • An outer case made of plastic
  • LED light output
  • AA NiCad battery
  • Photo-resistors are included to set in timers for your lights to switch on and off. They can also be set to switch on when the levels of lights have dipped significantly.
  • Solar cell
  • Small control board

The best solar yard lights have their components wired together on one piece of hardware and you will find that the components work in tandem to give you the necessary output. Solar lights for the yard also go by the name of landscape lights. The rechargeable batteries for these last up to the duration of 12 months and possibly a little more based on maintenance levels.

How do Solar Yard Lights Work?

how solar yard lights work

Solar lights for the yard are obviously light emitting devices that contain solar cells that charge up naturally during daylight hours. Depending on the way you set these lights they light up at dusk or sunset, illuminating the areas around them. Don’t be disappointed that the amount of light is not as much as you would get from a normal electricity run bulb. You should keep in mind that these solar power lights need a little getting used to and do the job of lighting more than adequately.

Use your solar powered yard lights in the right way to be able to get the most out of them. These lights give you the maximum brightness when they are fully charged. As the evening wears on their brightness levels will decrease in proportion to the charge they have left. Generally this will take a good eight hours or more.

Place your solar lights in areas where they will get direct sunlight. Survey the area they are going to be placed for dampness and if you find some, take adequate sealing measures to water-proof your lights. Depending on the area you would like to light up, invest in solar lights that come with a heightened battery capacity. These cells will be able to harness larger amounts of sunlight and will ensure that your solar yard lights give you the best possible performance.

All solar lights work on the basis of LED technology. They can be bought in a variety of colors to suit any occasion and decor. The myriad of shapes and motifs available will also enable you use them creatively in places you deem fit.

Solar Lighting Options

The best solar lights cannot serve as a replacement to the use of electricity run illumination. You would do best to use them in places where it is hard to route electricity. Several countries also use it in places where there are no steady sources of electricity. Decorative solar yard lights are one of the best examples of the use of solar power – you will find that these are used largely in gardens and for the lighting up of driveways.

Being easy to install, these decorative solar yard lights need no wiring at all. Lack of wiring ensures that your children and pets and even the elderly are safe when they venture to the areas lit up with solar power lights. No undue worry over leaky garden faucets and resultant short circuits as well. The total lack of pollution emission is another advantage.

Making the Right Choice

If you are out shopping for solar yard lights, then go in for the unique. Remember that you will be using these lights to accent rather than illuminate and therefore make your choice from the three main categories:

  • As the name suggests, spot lights are used to highlight specific areas. These are best incorporated in your landscaping.
  • Use decorative accents that come in a variety of shapes and sizes in places that require highlighting. The advantages of these are that they can be combined with several other accessories to give your landscape and home the desired effect.
  • Path lights can be found in fixtures that are hung or even embedded in the ground. Uproot these lights and place them anywhere you like when you feel the need to change ambience.

Solar Power Lights as a Lighting Solution

solar yard lightSolar lights have not yet reached a stage where they are the answer to all lighting requirements. The warm glow they produce is in stark contrast to the bright light emitted from electricity run illumination products. At present, they are best used as accents and in places where electricity is hard to come by.

Solar power lights come with a major disadvantage wherein their strength is only as good as the number of solar cells it has. The battery capacity is limited by the number of solar cells on an individual unit. Smaller the number of cells the more limited amount of energy can be absorbed. However, there are constant efforts on to improve the cell capacity and the power generation from solar lights.

Solar yard lights also have a tendency of being slightly more expensive. However, you should understand the long term benefits of investing in such technology. The use of such technology will give the earth the much needed time to recover from the losses of its natural resources and make an attempt at renewing them once again.

Should I Install Solar Driveway Lights?

For many generations Man has been abusing Mother Nature by depleting her natural resources, natural resources that can not be replaced. One of the main problems we are facing today due to this abuse is the lack of adequate energy. With natural resources fast depleting, it is natural for us to look for an alternative to fossil fuels. That alternative came in the form of solar power, and it allowed us to make use of many different types of solar devices such as solar driveway lights and solar cookers etc.

One of the main areas that have benefitted from solar power is lighting. Illuminating our homes is the main focus when it comes to designing the interiors and exteriors. This is also where solar lights for driveway bring a lot to the table. Since these lights have direct exposure to the Sun, they remain well charged and more often than not last throughout the night, or give you a good eight hours of illumination – this is at least eight hours without any electrical source.

Solar powered driveway lights simply harnesses the energy of the Sun and converts it into electricity with the technology known as photovoltaics (PV). The Sun has a predictable time span of emitting radiation that can be used and it is this science that has helped develop solar driveway lights to an accurate level. The right use of these solar power lights will enable the human race to make an attempt at replenishing renewable resources and restoring a balance.

solar driveway lights

solar driveway lights

Know Your Solar Power Driveway Lights Better

As the name suggests, Solar power driveway lights are devices that emit light and light up your driveway at night. Since they aid in lighting up the driveway and literally mark the way to the parking spots, they are also known as solar driveway marker lights. They function on electricity from batteries that charge themselves up during the day when in direct contact with the Sun’s rays. These lights can be timed to light up at dusk or sunset and automatically switch off when sunshine comes around again. How long they remain lit for depends on how much sunlight they have received, more often than not though, these lights last an entire night.

Solar LED driveway lights are the ones that are commonly used, and besides your driveway, they function best if placed in such areas of your home that are directly exposed to good quantities of sunlight. A pointer you should keep in mind for your driveway marker lights is the fact that they will need to be water-proof – as they are out in the open, you will need to protect it from the vagaries of nature.

Select solar power driveway lights that have a body of stainless steel with the LED light embedded in it. This will serve the purpose of water-proofing as well enhance the aesthetics of your lights.

The Mechanics of Solar Lights

solar driveway lightsLandscape lights also go by the generic name of outdoor solar lights, and the rechargeable batteries that come with these lights often have a life span of 12 – 24 months. A standard bulb will certainly give you more power, but solar power lights ensure that the amount of lighting you get, suits the purpose you are using it for. If you are still reluctant about the idea of using solar power lights then it would do you good to understand its components.

  • A plastic outer case
  • A solar cell
  • 1 x AA NiCad battery
  • A small control board
  • A LED light output
  • A photo-resistor is included in those that have to switch on automatically when darkness is detected.

All of the best solar lights have these components fitted onto a single piece of hardware and work in unison to harness and emit solar light. Most outdoor solar lights have a small mushroom like look to them.

Choosing the Best Solar Driveway Lights

  • One of the best things about solar lights is the fact that there is one for every budget. So irrespective of how much money you are willing to invest you are bound to find one that is suitable to your budget. Make your choice based on the most expensive ones you can afford, because as with most things, the more you pay the better quality you get.
  • Solar LED lights also come in security versions. These lights serve the dual purpose of lighting up your driveway as well as making your outside spaces more secure.
  • Choose solar power driveway lights that come with cell capacities guaranteed to last you the entire night or a minimum of eight hours. Despite the initial investments, it is bound to work out cheaper in the long run.

Installing Your Solar Lights

solar driveway lights

solar driveway lights

Even the best solar lights cannot serve as a complete replacement for electricity based lights. Use them mainly in places where it is difficult to wire electricity or if the sources of power are intermittent. The best use of solar power lights is in the form of solar string lights largely used in yards and lighting up driveways. Solar string lights are easy to install and require absolutely no wiring. An added advantage is that you know your children and pets are safe when playing out in the yard. What’s even better is that there is no emission of any pollutants.

Outdoor solar lights in the form of string lights are great lighting accessories. They are an eco-friendly way of lighting up your evening outdoor functions. What’s more they are priced in the mid-range and hence a nice alternate option to have. You just have to ensure that your solar lights get adequate exposure to the sun before your evening begins.

Some solar lights from individual companies also come with solar cells that have the capacity to harness sunlight on a rainy day as well. Investing in such solar power lights ensures that you have the best possible benefit from the product.

The Flip Side to Solar Powered Driveway Lights

You have to understand that even the best solar lights function really well in the first few hours of being pressed into work. After a while, the power in your batteries reduces and the quality of the light may diminish slightly – at the moment there’s nothing we can do about that, but the geeks are working on it even as I type.

As with any product there can be some flaws and these lights are no exception. The battery capacity of solar power lights can be limited as also the number of solar cells on an individual unit. This means that it can absorb energy only to a limited extent. However, with the constant technological developments, there is a constant effort to improve cell capacity and thereby the power generated for solar driveway lights.

Are Solar Christmas lights a Good Investment?

Christmas is a season to celebrate. It is the one time of the year when the family gathers around a beautifully decorated Christmas tree to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Christmas is also a time when families try to outdo their neighbors when it comes to decoration. Be it the house or the beautiful Christmas tree, everything has to be lit up brightly, and you can do that with solar Christmas lights, because this is also a time of year when it is necessary to keep a tight rein on the finances.

Christmas lighting can use a lot of electricity, which makes looking at solar energy more attractive each year. There are several manufacturers out there who give you a huge choice in Christmas tree lights powered by solar energy, as well as outdoor lights for the festive season.

How Solar Power Christmas Lights Work

Solar Christmas Lights

christmas church decoration night scene

If you are already using solar powered lights in your garden, then you will see that the way these lights function is not very different. Solar powered outdoor Christmas lights or otherwise are connected to a central control board that comes with solar cells, a battery and a sensor. Your solar Christmas lights can charge up to 1000 watts worth of energy on a bright day. This should last you well into the night and longer.

The amount your solar outdoor Christmas lights charge depends largely on the control board it comes with. The average control panel has four solar cells that can produce approximately 1.8 volts of energy on a bright day. Depending on the type you have invested in, it should light up on a dull day as well, just not quite so brightly

A plus point for your solar LED Christmas lights is that they light up automatically as the evening sets in.

The Variety Available

Solar powered Christmas lights are a relatively new invention and have still to become particularly popular. This means that won’t have such a wide range of designs to choose from as you will with the standard powered counterparts, but this will change in time as they become more popular and more widely available.

What you will commonly get in solar Christmas lights are circular ball shapes in the Christmas colors of red, green, blue and yellow. In terms of shape you will also find solar Christmas tree lights in oval and teardrop shapes. However, these could be a tad more expensive.

The Flip Side to Solar Power Christmas Lights

Before you get into the negatives of solar powered Christmas lighting, you should understand that monetarily these may cost you a little more to begin with. However, the happiness is in seeing the reduction in your electricity bill at the end of the month. You will be surprised at the savings you will make.

As for the negatives – Christmas in many parts of the country, especially in the northern parts is during winter, at a time when the sunlight is at an all time low. Regular battery chargers may charge up and allow you to use them for a maximum of 8 to 10 hours, as compared to the 10 to 15 hours they can work when properly exposed to sunlight.

Another pitfall is that the solar powered LED Christmas lights are not as powerful in their emission of light as their electricity based alternatives. These lights are meant to emit lesser light, but they are much more efficient than the average light bulb. You can look forward to a soft light almost the same as one from a florescent bulb and typical to all solar powered lighting they will have a bluish tinge to their light.

Even if a string of solar powered Christmas lights cost you around $35 for around forty feet of lighting, you have to understand that your investment is limited only to buying the product. You will spend absolutely nothing on installing and lighting them up. Sunlight is free for you to use.
With an increasing demand for solar powered Christmas outdoor and tree lights, the prices too are steadily reducing and stabilizing.

Once you invest in your solar lights, you can rest assured that you won’t have to replace them for a minimum of five years. That is how long these batteries and cells will last. Solar powered Christmas lights are often used to outline doorways and windows pane. This is the best way to use your lights since glass reflects light and gives your solar cells an extra boost in terms of energy. Don’t use solar powered outdoor Christmas lights to light up small bushes, since they have a tendency of getting lost in the bush and are not clearly exposed to sunlight.

Brighten up the Holiday Season

Solar Christmas Tree LightsSolar lighting technology has grown in leaps and bounds and there are now lighting solutions that are targeted at the festive season in particular. Thanks to advances in technology, lights have now been miniaturized and the use of the LED concept is in vogue. This has allowed for several innovative designs to hit the market. You can choose from string lights, snowman and Santa lights, stake lights, garlands, reindeer, snow balls, stars, maple leaves, flowers and so much more. Not to mention that you have a riot of colors in each category.

Christmas lights for use on the tree as well as for your outdoors are now available in a variety of colors and fixtures, allowing you the flexibility of using them the way you want. Another advantage is the fact that you can use these lights not only during Christmas or the festive seasons but for several other purposes all year round. It is the best way to illuminate your garden and property from dusk to dawn without worrying about how much you are adding to your electricity bill.

So this festive season, use your money wisely. Invest in some solar Christmas lights, and despite the extra initial cost, your festive season will end in a great way when you get a bill that will make you smile throughout the year.

Best Solar Lights and Lighting

Man’s ingenuity has been able to pull him through a variety of situations, and with the entire world grappling with a lack of energy; it’s been a stroke genius to be able to harness solar power. Today solar power is used to light up homes, heat up water, run pumps, and reduces the costs of maintenance for several industries. It is even the basis of all power for some industries, and a lot of money is being invested in order to discover the best solar lights that business can come up with.

The average man can make use of solar power too, in the form of solar power lights. Put in layman terms, solar power catches the energy of the Sun and converts it into electricity or energy through a process known as photovoltaics (PV). The entire premise of the best solar lights is that the energy from the Sun can be harvested for a specific period of time. This time frame is predictable and hence we can make the maximum use of it. Once properly harnessed, solar energy can work its magic even after the Sun has gone down.

The Solar Power Lights Ambit

The introduction of solar lights led to the notion that they can be used as replacements for conventional sources of energy. However, that has not been possible in every case. The fact that solar light gives off warm and diffused light compared to the stark brightness of an electricity run bulb is enough to ascertain that it has specific uses. It has to be kept in mind that even the best solar lights will shine at their brightest for the first few hours that they have been pressed into work, following which they will steadily diminish in accordance with the energy they have been able to harness. On a warm summer day, your fully charged batteries are good to go for a solid eight hours.

Among the disadvantages with solar power lights is the limitation on battery capacity or of the solar cells on each individual unit. Being small in size, there is only a specific amount of sunlight they can convert and absorb – although technology is doing its best to ensure that you can find lights with ever larger capacities.

Everything good comes with a high price factor and so too the best solar lights. When making the investment you should also keep in mind that they are a great resource to have in the time of an emergency or a sudden power outage.

Making the Right Choice

When in the market for new solar lights, it is better to go for something that is fancy. Leave the ordinary ones aside. Look at highlighting specific areas around your home rather than choosing to replace all your lighting options. You have three basic forms to choose from.

  • Path lights are the first variety. These fixtures can be hung from your patio or ceiling and or even can be put in the ground – and if you feel the need to change your ambience then you can just uproot these lights and place them anywhere you like.
  • Select myriad shapes and sizes in decorative accents and think of the best positions for them. Find unique places like in-between hedges, on the cover of a pot, in-between your rose bush. Choose a nice glass piece from your crockery and turn it over a solar power light when it comes on.
  • Use spot lights to highlight things. The pathway close to the door of your home or to the door of the car, you name plate on the entrance gate, your prize roses or even a water body in your landscape. Select spots that would otherwise be lost in the dark of the night.

Things to Keep in Mind

Landscape lighting can also go by the name of outdoor solar lights, and the accompanying rechargeable solar batteries that last up to 12 months or so. The best solar lights have all of their components pieced together into a single unit. The attached solar cells are what will bring in the sunlight and convert it to an energy source. All of its components work in unison to bring about this unique result.

De-constructing Solar Lights?

Solar lights will allow you to use lighting in several innovative ways. You can turn them on yourself whenever they are needed, or you can program them in such a way so that they switch themselves on as soon as daylight starts to ebb. In the outdoors, this would be at dusk or sunset. These lights draw no artificial electricity and will remain illuminated for various lengths of time depending on how much sunlight they have received throughout the day. They switch back to recharging mode as soon as they come into contact with bright light.

The best solar lights are obviously those that are used in the right manner.

  • Ensure that they have prime position in exposure to the Sun.
  • Take water-proofing measures if you have sprinklers or receive a lot of rainfall.
  • Invest in solar lights that are capable of harnessing energy even on a cloudy day.

Getting the Best out of Your Solar Lights

Know that even the best solar lights cannot always replace the use of electricity based lights. They can be used in places where it is difficult to connect to regular electricity, or where the sources of it are intermittent. A great use of solar power lights is in the form of solar string lights that are largely used in yards and lighting up driveways. These solar string lights are easy to install and need no wiring at all.

Outdoor solar lights in the form of string lights are great lighting options for evening barbeques or for festive occasion decoration enhancement. Solar string lights are an affordable and eco-friendly option. You just have to ensure that your solar lights get adequate exposure to the sun.

Solar string lights function on the basis of Light Emitting Diodes or the LED technology. An added advantage is that it can be obtained in a variety of colors to suit a number of occasions. The best solar lights are also available in a number of shapes and motifs.