Which Solar Garden Lights are the Best?

In recent times, the number of different types of solar lights for your garden that have been introduced on to the market has risen dramatically. Because of that the question, which solar garden lights are the best, is a question I’m asked quite a lot. In all honesty though, it really depends on what you need the lights for. Sure there are certain brands that stand out, but that’s no use to you if a manufacturer doesn’t make the type of light fitting you need. There are 3 main types of lights for you to choose from:

solar patio lights1. Pathway Lighting – this type of light can be used for lighting areas that around pathways or driveways that are traditionally expensive to light because of the difficulty of running electricity to the site. These lights are either pushed into the ground on stakes, or can be sited in amongst the shrubbery to create a pleasant ambience in your garden. How many solar pathway lights you will need will very much depend on the length of pathway to light, but if they are spaced out at between 6 and 10 feet intervals, this will give you the best balance between cost and efficiency.

wall mounted solar light2. Fixed Lighting Positions – There will be certain areas in your yard or garden that get more use than others. In these locations you can be pretty certain that once solar lights are installed, they will be staying put and you won’t want to move them around – for that reason, you are fairly safe in making these fixings permanent. Areas directly outside your home are where most folks install wall-mounted solar lights, but just bear in mind that when this type of solar light has been installed, it is more difficult to change your lighting scheme.


Solar Spot Lights3. Solar Spot Lighting – solar spot lights for your garden can be very versatile. They are great if you need to add some extra security to your property, especially if you link them up with a movement detector. That way whenever a visitor (or intruder) approaches your house, the light will activate automatically.

Solar garden spot lights are also great if you want to pick out a particular feature such as a seat or a statue in your garden. Solar spot lights give out a high intensity beam of light, and as such use a lot of power, so they are best suited to areas that are not permanently lit.

Now that you know which solar lights are best to suit your needs, you can choose your solar lighting with the confidence that you will get it right first time.