Solar Lights Motion Sensors

When you install solar lights in and around your home, there may be areas that you don’t need to be lit all the time, but that would benefit from lighting when the area was being used. The area of driveway in front of a garage for example doesn’t need to be permanently illuminated, but does need light when you pull up in your car. This is where solar lights motion sensors can increase safety and security at your house.

A solar powered motion detector light is, in essence, the same as any solar light, however it is fitted with a special detector to activate the light when it senses movement. There are 3 main different types of sensors that are used for detecting motion:

1. Ultrasonic Sensors – This is an active type of motion sensor that emits an ultrasonic pulse to measure reflections off of moving objects such as people or motor vehicles.

2. Microwave Sensors – Again this is an active motion sensor, in that it actively sends out microwave pulses to detect any movement. This type of sensor is similar to the types used in police radar systems.

3. Passive Infrared Detector (PID) – For the purposes of motion sensor solar lights, this is the most common type of movement sensor used. Unlike the other two types, this is a passive type sensor that doesn’t emit any pulses but just accepts incoming infrared radiation.

solar lights motion sensorsMotion activated solar lights really pay off in outside spaces that are used infrequently. You can combine them with virtually any type of light, but they are normally fitted on solar spot lights or solar security lights.

The passive infrared detector needs some simple electronics to help it process the information it collects. Every object known gives off what is known as black body radiation, and each objects radiation ‘temperature’ is different, and it is this radiation temperature that the PID monitors. The way this works is that if one object, such as a human or an animal, moves passed a stationary object such as the side of a house, then motion is detected.

So, if you want to add an additional element of safety and security around your home, solar powered motion lights and solar lights motion sensors might be the perfect solution for your situation.