Solar Yard Lights Explained

Solar Yard lights

Solar power is in vogue right now. People have woken up to the fact that the earth’s energy resources are fast reducing and that it is up to them to make the best possible use of the alternatives. Science developed the concept of photovoltaics which allows energy radiating from the Sun to be captured and converted in to energy that can used to light up homes, run machines, heat water and much more.

Since science is dynamic by nature, there is also a constant effort to improve on the work that can be done with the use of solar power. Solar yard lights for example are a great development and have changed the way we look at the lighting options for homes. The reason concepts like these are feasible is simply because constant exposure to the Sun during daylight hours is enough to charge up the batteries to last you an entire night.

Solar Power Yard Lights

Before you use any new technology it would be prudent to have an understanding of the basics. Outdoor solar lights for example are made up of the following components. You can easily pull a light apart to see that it consists of

  • An outer case made of plastic
  • LED light output
  • AA NiCad battery
  • Photo-resistors are included to set in timers for your lights to switch on and off. They can also be set to switch on when the levels of lights have dipped significantly.
  • Solar cell
  • Small control board

The best solar yard lights have their components wired together on one piece of hardware and you will find that the components work in tandem to give you the necessary output. Solar lights for the yard also go by the name of landscape lights. The rechargeable batteries for these last up to the duration of 12 months and possibly a little more based on maintenance levels.

How do Solar Yard Lights Work?

how solar yard lights work

Solar lights for the yard are obviously light emitting devices that contain solar cells that charge up naturally during daylight hours. Depending on the way you set these lights they light up at dusk or sunset, illuminating the areas around them. Don’t be disappointed that the amount of light is not as much as you would get from a normal electricity run bulb. You should keep in mind that these solar power lights need a little getting used to and do the job of lighting more than adequately.

Use your solar powered yard lights in the right way to be able to get the most out of them. These lights give you the maximum brightness when they are fully charged. As the evening wears on their brightness levels will decrease in proportion to the charge they have left. Generally this will take a good eight hours or more.

Place your solar lights in areas where they will get direct sunlight. Survey the area they are going to be placed for dampness and if you find some, take adequate sealing measures to water-proof your lights. Depending on the area you would like to light up, invest in solar lights that come with a heightened battery capacity. These cells will be able to harness larger amounts of sunlight and will ensure that your solar yard lights give you the best possible performance.

All solar lights work on the basis of LED technology. They can be bought in a variety of colors to suit any occasion and decor. The myriad of shapes and motifs available will also enable you use them creatively in places you deem fit.

Solar Lighting Options

The best solar lights cannot serve as a replacement to the use of electricity run illumination. You would do best to use them in places where it is hard to route electricity. Several countries also use it in places where there are no steady sources of electricity. Decorative solar yard lights are one of the best examples of the use of solar power – you will find that these are used largely in gardens and for the lighting up of driveways.

Being easy to install, these decorative solar yard lights need no wiring at all. Lack of wiring ensures that your children and pets and even the elderly are safe when they venture to the areas lit up with solar power lights. No undue worry over leaky garden faucets and resultant short circuits as well. The total lack of pollution emission is another advantage.

Making the Right Choice

If you are out shopping for solar yard lights, then go in for the unique. Remember that you will be using these lights to accent rather than illuminate and therefore make your choice from the three main categories:

  • As the name suggests, spot lights are used to highlight specific areas. These are best incorporated in your landscaping.
  • Use decorative accents that come in a variety of shapes and sizes in places that require highlighting. The advantages of these are that they can be combined with several other accessories to give your landscape and home the desired effect.
  • Path lights can be found in fixtures that are hung or even embedded in the ground. Uproot these lights and place them anywhere you like when you feel the need to change ambience.

Solar Power Lights as a Lighting Solution

solar yard lightSolar lights have not yet reached a stage where they are the answer to all lighting requirements. The warm glow they produce is in stark contrast to the bright light emitted from electricity run illumination products. At present, they are best used as accents and in places where electricity is hard to come by.

Solar power lights come with a major disadvantage wherein their strength is only as good as the number of solar cells it has. The battery capacity is limited by the number of solar cells on an individual unit. Smaller the number of cells the more limited amount of energy can be absorbed. However, there are constant efforts on to improve the cell capacity and the power generation from solar lights.

Solar yard lights also have a tendency of being slightly more expensive. However, you should understand the long term benefits of investing in such technology. The use of such technology will give the earth the much needed time to recover from the losses of its natural resources and make an attempt at renewing them once again.